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Frequently Asked Questions

These frequently asked questions may have answers which frequently change! Keep checking back for updates as this market matures.

Q: What are legacy addresses and how do I know if mine are legacy?
A: In general, addresses allocated prior to 1997 are legacy addresses.

Q: How is the legal situation different for legacy and non-legacy addresses?
A: Our contention has been for some time that there are two distinct sets of IPv4 addresses, legacy and non-legacy addresses, with different rights and obligations associated with these designations. Legacy resources can be transferred freely, leased, or held without use.  These resources were assigned prior to the incarnation of the current registry system in 1997, without an agreement restricting the holder in any way.

Q: Okay, so what about non-legacy addresses?
A: Historically it has not been possible to transfer addresses which are under an agreement with the registry who assigned them, however in the wake of the failure to transition to the successor protocol IPv6, some of the five regional registries has adopted policies which facilitate address transfer for payment.

Q: Speaking of IPV6, isn't this whole situation about to be mooted by it's deployment?
A: Check our news page for some recent information about the state of IPV6 deployment. The situation has been status quo ante for the last decade. The IPV6 protocol was finalized back in 1998, and the Internet core routing system has been IPV6 capable for almost a decade. All during that time IPV4 was manifestly depleting its pool of available addresses. Absent backwards compatibility or a market-driven transition plan, IPV6 remains stuck at the starting line. Our belief is that IPV6 will eventually be scrapped and replaced with a market-driven deployment of a multi-level NATTed IPV4 Internet.

Q: Why should we deal with your company?
A: We represent a technology company founded in 1986 and run continuously since by two MIT grads. In the past quarter century, we have participated in the development of the Internet from its academic roots to the technical and cultural behemoth of today. In that time we developed a knowledge base and judgment manifestly superior to the mandarins of the Internet who continue to flog the IPV6 dead horse. In moving counter to the direction of conventional wisdom, we have set ourselves apart. As direct participants in this market we have engaged in many private and public transactions over the last several years in anticipation of this day. Our expertise in evaluating the disparate situations involving chain-of-custody, bankruptcy law, and registry policy comes from direct experience. Especially at this early stage it pays to have an expert at your side.

Q: How do I learn more?
A:We invite you to call us or send us an email. We will send you a non-disclosure form so that your privacy is ensured, and we will consult with you about your situation at no cost to you. If you are interested in buying, selling, leasing, or investing in the world's newest commodities market, we are the people with whom you should be speaking.

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