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Selling IP Addresses

Having the right strategy is the key to a successful sale of address space. We can help from the very start of the sales process until the escrow closes and addresses are routed. You may know you have valuable IPv4 address space, but are unsure as to how to profit from it and what risks you need to avoid.

Our services at a glance:

• Interface with ARIN, APNIC, or RIPE as your agent
• Document chain-of-custody of address rights
• Review seller's entire IPv4 allocation to avoid risks
• Expert renumbering help
• Brokerage of space to third parties
• Contract generation
• Advertising of space in appropriate venues
• Review of routing history
• Testing for squatters, spammers, and hijacks
• Leasing, swapping, Letters of Agency
• Auditing and valuation
• Preparation for the various types of ARIN transfers, 8.2,8.3,8.4
• Guidance for ARIN Online changes

Buying IP Addresses

Buyers understand the value of owning the rights to IPv4 address space. There are many reasons why buyers turn to the transfer market. It could be that their regional registry cannot meet their needs due to policy or
lack of resources. It could be that their company's planning horizon is well beyond the short justification window for address allocations by their registry. As veterans of the Internet, we understand the technical and economic reasons involved, and can use our expertise to best facilitate a painless transfer.

Our services at a glance:

• Expert help determining actual need
• Outright sale of addresses from our inventory
• Leasing, trading and Letter of Agency transfer methods
• Review of seller documentation
• Listing on ARIN's STLS, RIPE's NCC Listing, and others
• Guidance with registration at regional and private registries
• Brokering purchases from third parties
• Contract generation
• Escrow agreements
• Review of space for prior reputation issues


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